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January 2, 2017
Welsh Construction Lexington VA

Welcome to Welsh Construction, Inc.’s blog site. You’re most likely considering a remodeling project and are seeking out a contractor that meets your needs. I need to tell you that you don’t know what you don’t know. That’s often why you hear so many horror stories about new home constructions gone bad and nightmare remodeling projects. Don’t be discouraged though. It is possible to have a construction experience that won’t leave you with frazzled nerves, mistakes you “have” to live with, and a horrific unexpected final payment that you didn’t expect. There are a few key questions you should be asking yourself and a potential candidate for your remodeling project. I’ll list several of those now and then expand on each one over the next several months. Before I begin that list I’d like to toss out an age old motto that particularly holds true in the remodeling industry and that’s simply, “You get what you pay for.” So although price is important (well it is for most of us) value is an often overlooked and very important element in the hunt for the best contractor for you.

So, one of the first questions you want to ask yourself upon meeting a potential home contractor is, “What does my gut say?” I recently read a book in which it states that most important decisions can be made within the first 5 seconds of consideration. Your gut truly serves a purpose when making important decisions. Next, ask yourself, “Is this someone I want to be intimate with?” Not in the romantic way, but believe me, remodeling is an intimate process. You’d be surprised what you end up discussing with your contractor while laying out the design for your master bath!

Next, here’s what you want to look for in a contractor: someone you feel comfortable speaking with – communication is a huge part of a successful remodeling process; someone who understands the character of your home and is qualified in both structural and interior design, someone who is willing to share ballpark costs for the construction work before they proceed with a lengthy, detailed, and costly design, someone who is detail-oriented and capable of listening to your specific needs and is committed to solving those problem areas for you, and finally, someone who is willing to commit to a price – or if some details of the project need to be left undecided, at least a price range.

This is most likely the largest amount of money you will spend within the next 5 to 10 years and your decision carries many consequences. There is an assortment of home contractors in the area, so choose well. Thankfully, the remodeling industry has evolved into a profession full of individuals with industry certifications and credentials who can make your process an enjoyable experience and your project a huge success.