Wait, What?
October 9, 2017
Remodeling Company Lexington VA

This may sound familiar.

“He never takes me seriously.”

“She talks non-stop.”

“He’s always distracted.”

“She never says what she means.” “He never says what he’s thinking.” “She’s so emotional.”

Whew! Okay, you get the point. Communication can be tough. However, a great relationship is spawned by great communication. Especially when there is so much at stake. You remember the first time you heard someone say, “Hey, I think I like you.” Wow! Okay, now you can ask, “Wait, what?” You need to know more, right? Does this mean that he likes me, likes me, or did he just mean he likes me? You want more clarification. Your next step is defined by a clearer understanding of what was just said.

And this holds true just as much in the construction industry as it does in every other interpersonal relationship. A business coach, Tasha Walsh, who spoke to our staff at Welsh Construction gave us an invaluable tool to use when we have that knee jerk response of, “Wait, what?” When you need more information, it’s okay to become more curious. So, if you’re speaking to someone and they surprise you with an, “I think I like you” kind of statement, simply get curious. You can ask, “Okay, so you mean you like me like you want to do homework together, or you like me as in you want to get matching tattoos?”

Don’t be afraid to get clarification from your contractor. There is a lot of construction jargon out there and it is easy to become intimidated by all of the abbreviations and lingo that is not used in everyday conversation. So when your contractor tells you he or she is going to go with fiber board cabinets instead of 3/4″ plywood, it’s just fine to say, “Wait, what?” and have them explain the pros and cons. There are a myriad of options, from everything to cabinet construction and countertop thicknesses to five different ways your toilet can flush. You don’t have to be an expert in all of these options, that’s what you’re paying your contractor for, but make sure you feel well enough informed so that you come out in the end a satisfied and happy customer.

When being curious, you can use the infamous “I statements.” I am not clear about the difference between fiber board and 3/4″ plywood, could you please explain the differences? Or, I don’t know if I want a single or dual flushing commode, what would you prefer? Be ready to get the break down on the decisions so that the products that are being selected match the way you live as well as your budget.

A contractor that encourages questions and open communication is one that is looking out for not only the needs of your remodel, but your needs as well. To view how we provide quality construction remodels, outstanding service, and an enjoyable building experience for our customers, visit our Services Page.