Tubs & Showers of 2018
July 25, 2018
Bath Remodels Welsh Construction Lexington VA

Spoiler alert – bathrooms for 2018 coincide with what experts predicted. We’ve found spatial elements remaining consistent with those of the past several years but we are also seeing new styling lines on fixtures and then some features just now making their way to the United States.

For smaller master bathroom remodels getting rid of the large tub and focusing instead on a nice sized shower leads the pack in how to make best use of space available. On the other hand, for homes with a more spacious master bath floorplan, there has been a resurgence of tubs being used as a statement piece. Free standing tubs in particular are finding their way into master bath spaces again this year – especially those with sleek clean lines. For some it’s all about having a luxurious bath and for others it’s a free standing piece of art.

Showers are full steam ahead, quite literally. The health benefits of steam showers continue to entice home owners and given that most folks find steam showers so comforting it’s easy to see why this feature is staying the course. Water sprays and spa like water features continue to remain popular but are somewhat limited in regions where water consumption is controlled. For those unable or reluctant to indulge in the water spray systems designers are using the rain shower heads coupled with hand-held sprayers. Hand held sprayers not only make assisted living easier but also simplify cleaning. If body sprays don’t appeal, dual shower heads may be your indulgence. Most importantly, and for most, it is all about finding the water experience that makes you feel most like you’ve been to the spa without the inconvenience of having to leave home.