Trust Your Gut
June 15, 2017
Bath Remodels Welsh Construction Lexington VA

As you prepare to make the final decision for which contractor to hire for your remodeling project, there’s one simple way to make that choice. It’s simply to follow your gut. It’s an indicator that carries more weight than you might imagine. A couple of years ago I read a book which shared eerily conclusive evidence showing that when professionals, ranging from surgeons to exclusive art dealers, found themselves in tricky situations and relied on their gut, it produced more accurate results than when they had relied on calculated or lengthy intellectual analysis. In other words, don’t overthink the decision. Sometimes, when something feels right, it’s just simply that – right.

When we have an intuition and then question it, we often reflect on multiple levels of pros and cons that don’t necessarily add up to what makes the most sense in the long run. The relationship between a contractor and home owner is most certainly a business arrangement, but it is different than most other business relationships in that you become involved in an often lengthy and unusually intimate process. This person, and their employees, subcontractors, vendors and other miscellaneous individuals will be entering your home at all hours of the day, frequently coming and going at unsuspecting times. I’ve heard tales of contractors entering a supposedly vacant home only to turn down the hallway just in time to see the flash of a naked body darting from one room to the next. Yes, maybe sometimes a bit too intimate, but nonetheless somewhat inevitable.

A keynote speaker once put it this way, “Our home is an extension of who we are.” It is there we raise our children, care for one another, convalesce, celebrate, and mourn. It is our refuge. It is our personal space and it can be difficult to open that space to the mess, noise and array of strangers involved in a remodeling process. However, it is for this very reason, our house being our home, that so many choose to remodel. If the home is our refuge, should we not make it a place of safety, convenience and beauty? Next year Welsh Construction will be celebrating it’s 25th anniversary in a small town. Many of our customers are repeat clients and I have yet to hear any one of them say they had regrets over improving their home. In fact what I hear on a regular basis is, “I’m glad we did it right.” I’m pleased that Welsh could be part of that process, and part of their lives.