A Springboard for Change
July 9, 2020

It’s a marathon, not a sprint. We’re in the 2nd inning of a 9-inning game. These are phrases you may have heard as we trudge through the long days of COVID-19. I don’t know of anyone who has not been affected in one way or another by the introduction of the virus into society. For many it’s been a time of great loss, simply the loss of spending time with extended family and friends, or maybe even the loss of loved ones. For some, it’s a time of financial crisis or the uncertainty of impending financial woes, and for others maybe it’s been a time of grieving our freedom to move through our routine activities within the community as many businesses have either closed or reduced hours. For others, it’s simply a time of boredom.

For me, I have been grateful for the opportunity to continue to work. And I am grateful for a slower pace of life in the evenings. My social activities and civic commitments have slowed dramatically, and my relationships to my church family has been limited to phone calls, YouTube videos and Zoom meetings. But, what I personally have been most grateful for during this time of adjustment and loss, is my new found time for reflection. Long ago I noticed my lack of time for reflection and I must say I am thankful for its reappearance. Reflection is the spring board for growth, and I’m excited about new beginnings, both personally and professionally, as we learn to live with and move beyond the trials of COVID-19. Whether we are viewing this experience through a red or blue filter, or maybe even a rainbow filter, and we see it quite differently from one another, it is a shared experience none the less, and I think we have much we can learn from one another and much to celebrate.

I have learned that people are resilient and are swift to adapt. One of Tim’s favorite sayings is “Adapt, Improvise, and Overcome” and I don’t think there’s ever been a better time for us to embrace those words. Some of what we are doing to adapt is related to safety for our clients and employees, and others are pretty snazzy. We have encouraged social distancing on the job site and in the office, and masks as needed. We are handling weekly meeting with existing customers either outside, in ventilated areas, or via phone conferencing. We have more fully implemented project management software to give our clients access to products they have selected with relevant information and also to their updated construction calendar 24 hours a day. We are utilizing software that allows our administrator, designers, estimator, and bookkeeper to work from home, which has given some of them the peace of mind they need right now. In addition, using this same software our prospective clients can remotely log into our design computer and view the architectural drawings we have created for their upcoming project, seeing 3D renderings, and bringing their vision to life on screen from the comfort and safety of their home. While on a telephone conference call with them while they are viewing our computer screen via their own computer, they can request to see different elevations of the project, ask for changes to the design, which they can watch in real time, or hopefully on occasion to offer affirmations for a job well done. As impressive as all this sounds, we have been able to easily walk many clients through this process. Swift to adapt!

I’ve heard it said that we are going through a turning point in history. We have had the Renaissance, the Industrial Age, the Information and Technology Age, and now I’m curious to learn how we will be remembered in the history books. I am old enough to remember when people spoke of the roaring 20’s. That of course was the 1920’s. How will 2020 be remembered, and what part of history do you want to embrace?

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