Station Elation in Kitchen Remodels
February 3, 2020
Kitchen Remodeling Company & Contractors Lexington

I absolutely love cooking in my kitchen. The layout for the kitchen includes the combination of the well-known work triangle and what I call “stations”. In addition to the work triangle, made up of the traffic pattern when connecting the sink, range, and refrigerator, there are stations for prepping, cooking, baking, cleaning, snacking, and making coffee. When you overlap the triangle with stations, which are designated areas for specific tasks that you perform in the kitchen on a routine basis, you will find a kitchen with not only good traffic patterns and flow, but one which is also highly efficient.

Each station focuses on either an appliance or fixture and has adequate cabinet space to support the use of that appliance. The prepping station is in the island. There you can find drawers with knives, cutting boards, small bowls for sorting foods, and a small prep sink. The cooking station is at the range and includes a spice drawer, pot and pans drawers, space for pot holders, as well as a drawer for spatulas and stirring spoons.

My baking station shares the space with my prepping area. After having back issues, I found I could not stand for long periods of time. So, my island has an opening between cabinets where I can store a stool that can be pulled out for sitting while doing vegetable prep, icing a cake, making cookies, etc. Stored at my baking station is a drawer with flour, sugar, vanilla, baking powder, etc. A separate drawer with rolling pins, a mixer, measuring cups etc. and more mixing bowls. The cleaning station includes a larger, double bowl sink, the dishwasher, a drawer with dish towels, and a drawer with baggies and tinfoil.

The snacking station is located in a pantry outside the heart of the kitchen. It’s located in a wall on the other side of the kitchen island which helps make up a hallway to the rest of the house. That’s where kids can grab a snack on the go. The refrigerator is also slightly separated from the prepping and cooking stations but conveniently located by the island. Food can be easily retrieved from the refrigerator or pantry and laid directly out on the island where it’s ready for prepping and cooking.

There are so many options when planning a kitchen remodel. Be sure that you are not only considering the style, but the daily functionality of your space. Thinking through how you will use your new kitchen before you design the layout is an investment of time up front, but when it’s all said and done, I think you will give the cooking and baking process a five-star review.